FMB Development

It starts with an impossible idea that meets focused creativity
and converts into great result

Our Story

FMB Development is the development arm of The FMB Group, which also consists of Real Estate Finance, Real Estate Sales and Real Estate Property Management Divisions that support FMB Development to complete and achieve it’s development goals. FMB Development’s main focus exists within four project types within Los Angeles County: Luxury Single Family Homes, Multi-Family Apartment Complexes, Small Lot Subdivisions, and Condominium/Townhomes. FMBD Focuses on prime locations ranging from Venice to Downtown Los Angeles.
Both The FMB Group and FMB Development are guided by the steady stewardship of Ilan Kenig whose vast knowledge and experience in fundraising, team building and project management have quickly led FMB Development to quietly become the smallest big Real Estate Development Firm in Los Angeles. This has been accomplished by putting together templates and perfecting the process to complete FMBD’s preferred project types, with both speed and economy. Vision, Agility and Dedication are the keys to our success.